Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cha Ching!

Good day.
Its a busy month - October. Lots of birthdays, events and assignments.
I realise i havent been blogging for months, suddenly i feel like it, so here i am.

Well, i havent really talk about my part time job here in brissy, which i said i wanted to look for 1 since last year.
I applied for alot of jobs online, and 1 day i got a call from my current employer.
And so  the journey begins on the 1st day of mid sem break.
It was a good experience, got chinese, malaysian, hongkee and vietnamese.
Network, check! Money, check! Finding a part time job, CHECK!
Finally, after so many months of procrastinating, i got a job here and earn some money.
Whatever, thats all i got to say about my role as a waiter.

I feel like getting a post in UQMSA la.
But i don't know whether i will still be in UQ next year,
so I think i will be selfish a bit.
Plan A: 
Run for a post in AGM tonight and hopefully get a post,
saying that i will stay in UQ to study honours,
so i have another year to go.

Plan B:
Run for a post in AGM tonight and hopefully get a post,
saying that i might stay in UQ next year,
provided i got the post, then it is an advantage for me to get into honours. win-win.

IF worse comes to worst, i do not get the honours offer, i will just reject the post and work/balik malaysia.
Its like i hold it first, if i stay, i will continue. If not, i will just resign or something.
So BAD right, thats life man, accept it!
Wish me luck, I still don't know how to tell them tonight about my plan =.=

as usual, a photo.
homemade fruit cake for Kar Ying

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Realistic Me

OK, the main purpose of me coming back here is that im desperate for votes to win a competition.
I was so lazy to blog this few monthsss, i got so many stuff to tell, but just too lazy too write, i rather watch show or study... LOL

I shall see whether i got the mood to write down OTHER stuff.
But for the time being,
please do me a favor and vote ME!
tell your sam gu luk po, zhu pang gao yao, heng dai zhi mui to vote for MY CKT!
Very much appreciated.

and i have a feeling i wont be back blogging anytime soonnnnnn... hahaha
Thanks again for your holy VOTE!!!! =D

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Life is short

RIP my dear friend, although I'm not very close to you during college, but we still had memories together. The time we skipped class together and the time we went cc together, i will always remember. Of course, I will remember your smile and coolness/lameness and your super random comment!

This make me realize, life is so short, you wouldn't know when you will go. So people, appreciate the time you have now, appreciate the people you are with now, live your life to the fullest.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

pop pop popcorn

Its funny how sometimes you know more about this person, when you expect nothing much from them.
Its like all the bad and good stuff about this person just pop out suddenly.
Maybe I have got 偏见 or 偏心, that is why.
Maybe I need to be 客观 only can understand someone more.
Now I definitely know more about you.

"When I want to know, you don't come out. When I don't care, you pop out suddenly!" APA INI?! Accept it, this is life, LOL.

Anyway, I was in library on a SATURDAY, whole day!
well, everything also got FIRST TIME! =.=
my sacrifice did pay off eventually, I managed to finish 2 questions yesterday,
which is quite surprising, usually it will take me ages.

When I know i'm ahead of time, i tend to slack.
Which is why I re-watch POTC 1 yesterday night,
which is why it-is-already-noon-but-i-am-still-here-blogging-about-how efficient i am

why so serious. assignment mode. lol
Ehh, i feel very China wearing like above la, 
but i think very the cool. lol
and i like my hair that day. Haha. 
look like my maplestory hairstyle last time O.o

Friday, May 20, 2011

Practicing mandarin la

本来就是这么一件小事, 有必要那么计较吗?
原来我也有emo 的时候。 Haha


Oh Yann, 我明白你的心情,我也正在经历着。

Lol, dam, took so long to type that out. 
Why emo post must all be in mandarin, 
i think its a tradition already, 
maybe its to limit the number of reader gua. 

Yea, kinda disappointed la,
you know la, im very sensitive 1,
small small thing I also will think alot d.

Like that better,
i can 化悲愤为力量。
concentrate fully on my assignment,
since im so fed up with other stuff d.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dumbo. Barnacle. Oii

So Dumbo, the barnacle feeling is back again. 
so barnacle head la. 
i need to focus on assignment now, not think about other stuffs la! 
Ok. lets just put aside all other things and concentrate on assignment. 
hope i can do it ba =)

Lol, i wonder when was the last time i stress for assignment. SAM? first year? definitely not last year. 
I haven had any assignments since i came brissy, just exam all the way. 
Still remember last time, got assignment or project, definitely will procrastinate and blog about the amount of assignments i had and how little time i had. 
kinda miss that period of time...

I know this time i really started late for this accounting assignment d. 
That's why we take the easy way out. 
So we erhem erhem erhem erhem ..... yup, hopes it work out well ba =P

Another thing! Today i spent the longest time ever in my life camping in library!
I had never stayed in the library so long before!
Pretty impressive huh, around 7 hours? 
7 HOURS!!! 开玩笑阿!
I think assignment i need to do in library, study for exam will just stay at home. 

trying to look very semangat!

first time assignment in brissy!

Its starting to have bush fire here d, 
the weather sudden hot sudden cold, but mostly cold.
but why i say bush fire. 
look at my hair la! a small bush is forming already!
of course compare to last time, this is a smaller 1, haha.
its totally out of shape, want to style also cant, like so lou only.
but i promise myself only to cut my hair after sem1,
seems like i have to take care this small bush for another 1 month until it become forest 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


My first ever assignment in Brisbane!! Yea, marketing students, science students or economic students dont jealous, I am FINANCE student!

You know i always wanted to have assignment, so that i can actually learn how to write, reference and research. Was quite disappointed when i found out i got no assignment last year(so many ppl gonna hate me...haha). This year, finally, an assignment came, and its from an accounting subject.

I have been wanted to start doing the case study since last week, because i scared i wont have time to complete since its nearing final exam and I didnt do any catch up work for any subjects yet  x.X as always, I slack and slack and slack, haven't even finish reading the case study.

Oh well, Im a last minute person, I always believe in last minute, always works for me =) lol

Last Friday after dinner, we housemate had a impromptu 大扫除
look at it, its sparkling clean
but trust me, few days later, its gonna be dirty again.
Aussie is too dusty! am I right?
and because of the cleaning, i cant watch my masterchef, luckily they have it online :)
everyone was so tired and went to sleep early.


thats the mirror, notice the tv?? :)
Few days ago, a plumber came and repair something, he was looking for the water main switch, so i brought him down to the garage, then only i realised... we got a garage...
So i was curious and wondering whats inside it, so i grab the bunch of keys which i dunno open which door in the house and tried all the keys on the garage door. 
Pop it goes, the garage its like a living hall!!!!! It has everything!
TV, shelf, cabinet, mattress, sofa, chairs, mirrors, table, they even have Christmas tree with a complete set of lights and ornaments! Really!

I was so happy when i saw the tv, I was even happier when I found out it is working!
now i can watch Masterchef on this bigger TV! not the pathetic small 1 already!
So we moved up some coffee tables, mirrors, TV and a display cabinet

Big TV!

Alright, going out soon for basketball. It have been so long since I exercise or play basketball, sure very rusty already.. cant wait! rawr!